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Trilogy Cloud Services

One of the first consultative practices in the industry

Taking a portion of your business to the cloud has never been simpler – or more difficult. Before the right cloud solution can be put in place you need to know:

  • Which of your applications and services make sense "in the cloud?"
  • How will you keep your information secure?
  • Should you enable a private cloud, a public on, or a hybrid?
  • What are the right remote user access policies?
  • Where should you locate your cloud servers?
  • What will it all cost?
The cost for our consultative services is surprisingly low and in some instances, free.

Want more information? Call a Trilogy Cloud Specialist at 609-860-9900 or email us.

Defining the right implementation strategy

Trilogy Cloud Services is one of the first consultative practices in the industry. We start the conversations with our Trilogy Cloud Assessment, a proprietary framework that helps answer the questions above by evaluating your goals, technical infrastructure, and concerns.

We work with key leaders and stakeholders in your organization to assess and analyze your needs and recommend the most appropriate cloud strategy for your organization. We develop a comprehensive plan that addresses:

  • How to make the most of your current infrastructure
  • The optimal phased approach to get you to the cloud
  • Specific recommendations about which cloud provider(s) are appropriate
  • Suggestions on which cloud enablement strategy will best meet your needs

Helping you choose the right provider

Trilogy has established relationships with all of the major cloud providers and developed an in-depth matrix of the capabilities of each, including:

  • Blue Hill Data Services
  • HP Cloud
  • IBM
  • Navisite
  • NetApp
  • Terremark
  • VMWare (vSphere)

Given your goals and objectives, we work with you to understand the best fit for your organization, which could be one or more of our Cloud Partners. When appropriate, we offer computing and storage-on-demand solutions through our own Cloud Computing service.

Lifecycle management

If you are starting to think about going to the cloud but aren’t quite ready yet, Trilogy offers lifecycle management services to maintain and enhance your current infrastructure, with an eye on designing an environment that could easily connect to the cloud whenever you are ready.

We represent all major product lines and through our leasing arm can combine the purchase with a lease to bring you the absolute lowest price available.