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Additional Services

In addition to leasing, we offer a range of services to help you manage your equipment inventory and optimize cash flow.

Purchase Consulting

When you're evaluating a new purchase or lease, we'll determine whether you can get comparable equipment, previously-owned at a much lower price, or verify that your discount on new equipment, is up to industry standards.

Our technical specialists can also help you configure and size your equipment.

Equipment Sales

Trilogy offers equipment for sale of all major manufacturers from the secondary market. All previously-owned equipment supplied by Trilogy is certified eligible for the manufacturer's standard maintenance agreement, or is guaranteed by Trilogy.

Equipment Purchasing

We buy obsolete equipment and can help liquidate larger inventories by purchasing your assets, refurbishing the items, and selling them for you through our established sales network. Trilogy can buy your excess equipment outright or through a consignment program. We can also offer green recycling programs, and the wiping or destruction of hard drives.


Lease portfolio information is available in electronic or hardcopy format to enhance your recordkeeping. That means one less record keeping chore for you to maintain, and the assurance that the records are always up-to-the-minute.

Customized Invoicing

Trilogy can customize invoicing to your specific needs with maximum accuracy and minimum work for your company. We strive to make your job easier.

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