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Leasing Products

All of our leases can be structured as a Fair Market Value Lease or a Capital Lease, on terms that work for you, with multiple end-of-lease options.

Technology Exchange Lease

Maintain state-of-the-art technology, and possibly upgrade without increasing payments.

Step Lease

Pay more up front or at the end of the lease, or arrange for a customized lease payment stream, to suit your cash flow.

Multiple Acceptance Lease

This lease reduces paperwork by putting all equipment leased and delivered during a set period of time on one schedule.

Delayed Lease

Defer lease payments until budgetary constraints are satisfied.

Purchase Leaseback

Sell your existing equipment to Trilogy and lease it back for the term you choose.

Software Lease

Software can be leased and billed separately.

All previously-owned technology equipment supplied by Trilogy is certified eligible for the manufacturer’s standard maintenance agreement or guaranteed by Trilogy.

  • Leases can be for any reasonable time period
  • Equipment can be upgraded at any tim
  • Leases can be restructured at the customer’s request
  • Upgrades can often be added without increasing monthly payments

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