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Why Lease?

Here are three very sound business business reasons to lease hardware, software, peripherals and other business essentials:

Leasing Gives You Tax Advantages

Operating leases offer off-balance-sheet financing, because the equipment does not appear as an asset on your books. Depreciation schedules are no longer necessary; your company deducts the payments as a standard business expense.

Leasing Gives you More Flexibility

It helps keep costs down and assures you of the ability to stay at the cutting edge of technology. It increases your cash flow, while eliminating many of the risks of ownership. Equipment can be kept for any period of time and returned without the concerns of a depreciation table and asset recovery.

Leasing Conserves Capital

Your capital is available to use on other essential needs. Leasing also keeps your credit lines accessible. That is why over 80% of American companies lease today.

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