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Assessment Tools

Trilogy's Technology Assessments help our customers understand how they are utilizing the infrastructure that they have already invested in, and offer recommendations on how to maximize efficiency to ensure greatest ROI.

Rather than virtualizing only disaster recovery or test environments, our assessments and software tools will provide the confidence and visibility needed to virtualize from end to end, including top tier mission critical applications.

Using a precision data center design by Trilogy, you can capture all available cost savings through continuous virtualization in all segments of your environment.


NetApp OnCommand Balance

This revolutionary agentless data center management tool provides a snapshot of data center health, identifying potential problems. Akorri complements your existing SRM solution to provide improved utilization and facilitates storage tiering to maximize your existing infrastructure.

Liquidware Labs Stratusphere

A pioneer in the virtual desktop infrastructure movement, Liquidware Labs is devoted to accelerating the successful adoption of VDI. Fitness ratings evaluate desktop environment and proprietary management metrics track the client profile to provide a seamless end user experience.

HP Configuration Collector & Brocade SANHealth

A key to maintaining and expanding your present Storage Area Network is a detailed inventory and review of its existing components. HP Configuration Collector and Brocade SANHealth non-invasively gather data on switch, host and storage devices which is analyzed to create diagrams, report and recommendations.


VMware Capacity Planner and CapacityIQ

By using VMware's Capacity Planner tool, Trilogy helps our clients through the initial consolidation as well as the continuous maintenance needed to stay ahead of the utilization curve. We will demonstrate how to reduce costs and increase productivity while strengthening security and tightening control over corporate information assets.

Novell PlateSpin

Take the guesswork out of optimizing the data center by providing new levels of intelligence, visual analysis, chargeback and forecasting. Then execute with unique workload portability across today's mixed IT environments.


From inception to physical installation, Trilogy guides our customers through the entire solution development process. Our Senior Solution Architects craft distinctive solutions which address our customer's unique needs which focuses on long term business goals and maximum financial Return on Investment.

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