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Server Consolidation

Server technology continues to improve at an accelerated rate every year. The server that you purchased 2-3 years ago can most likely be replaced by a new server that is twice as powerful, and requires half the size, power and cooling.

This new technology has the potential to save your company a great deal of money. Trilogy Solutions can help you decide where it makes sense to deploy new servers, and how many servers can be replaced by the new ones. We can also help you develop a migration plan which will provide you with little or no downtime while you are deploying the new technology.

Our server consolidation services include:

  • Detailed analysis of current computing environment (applications, operating systems, networks, and storage)
  • Development of solutions which provide increased flexibility, scalability and availability. Dramatic reductions in:
    • Management requirements
    • Equipment footprint
    • Power and cooling requirements
    • Maintenance costs and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Migration planning and assistance

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