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Equipment Procurement

Sometimes, what you want and what you need are exactly the same. But wouldn't you like to have a trusted advisor who can help you decide if there is a better solution?

We have the ability to talk to you about our products and services to whatever depth and breadth you require. But it's more important to sit back and listen to you explain your business to us.

At Trilogy Solutions, our many years of experience are balanced by our knowledge of the latest, most cost-effective technologies. We can show you how these technologies will enable your business to run more efficiently and more effectively.

Proposal & Quote Generation

The solutions that we sell are inherently complex. There may be hundreds of part numbers, all of which need to be correct in order to deliver you the required functionality.

No one sweats the details like Trilogy Solutions. Our mission is to get it right the first time, every time.

We use powerful configuration tools and systems assurance processes to minimize or eliminate errors in our proposals, quotations, and orders. And we provide detailed drawings to show you exactly how the solution will look, both physically and logically, once it is implemented.

Because it's not only important to deliver an error-free configuration; it's also important that the communications between you and Trilogy are crystal clear.

Financial Justification

While the latest technologies may be "cool", "awesome", or "neat," they're not worth the investment unless they provide a substantial (and preferably immediate) return.

Trilogy Solutions personnel have a great deal of experience in assisting companies in improving their bottom line. Our case studies and financial modeling tools can provide you with the proof that you need in order to invest wisely in building and enhancing your systems infrastructure.

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